Italian, man

by Amanda Bedgood

The finest in Italian food and style at F. Camalo

There are just some things the Italians do better - if the food and well-dressed men at F. Camalo recently were any indication.

The ever-dapper Frank invited us to a little shindig at his new digs last week where three top of the line Italian lines hosted trunk shows and two top of the line Italian-centric eateries laid out quite the spread.

"Mr. Marcello" himself brought out some delectable eats, but I hardly got past the newest cheese - some sort of mozzarella infused with garlic and a little bit of heaven. I found my absolute weakness in the courtyard - Carpe Diem's fig and almond gelato. But, we're here to talk about style and not mozzarella (trust me on the cheese, people).

The Canali man stood out in a springy ensemble with a flat front pant and shorter hem than we're accustomed to seeing, but believe will surely make it's way to Acadiana in earnest.

Frank was dashing in Armani. A suit with a bit more fit than the traditional - a movement that's been edging the market for a while with Frank as proof it can be done perfectly even if you're not a 20-year-old hipster. Jim Gibson (an INDStyle winner) looked dashing as ever.

In the ladies department, Frank's gals looked fabulous from Peggy in a Missoni dress (a wedding gift from her style-loving husband) to Justine in a creamy top and statement necklace.