The Bee's Knees

by Amanda Bedgood

Inspired by Gatbsy, PASA event takes to the 20's

Accessories make the costume. It's a little nugget I've learned over the years thanks to many a last minute soiree that requires themed dressing. So, while this IND Styler has had Great Gatsby and Friday night's PASA Gatsby themed event on the mind for some time, I realize there are some of you coming late to the game.

When it comes to 1920's dressing there's certainly the tried and true flapper dress (big shout out to Old Vogue where they have an awesome selection), but fear not if you don't have time to get a full fringe get up. Looking totally Gatsby lies in the details.

Start with a drop waist dress or a dress with a very simple silhouette that doesn't hug the curves too much. The rest is in the extras. It's a simple equation.


1 pair long black gloves

2 long strands of pearls (can be varying in size and you can throw in a sparkling strand of beads as well)

1 seriously red, matte lipstick

Add a head piece of the sparkling variety or a 20's hair do and you're set.

For the hair, a finger wave is cool, but pretty hard to do in earnest at home. Instead, simply stick to a sleeker style. If you're curling hair, start at the bottom rather than the top, curl then brush thoroughly and smooth before pinning back in a low bun or go for 20s done modern like Diane Krueger with her unique take on the vintage hair do.

Now finish the look with a glass of champagne, a smoky eye and you're ready to meet the Gatz himself.

If you're looking for a place to show off your Gatsby style and support a great cause, I'll see you Friday night at The Victorian. PASA's Spring Fundraiser, A Gatsby Affair is slated for 6:30 this Friday with live entertainment by New Leviathan Oriental Foxtrot Orchestra and a promise of a lot of razzle dazzle including some incredible Award of Excellence honorees.