An Affair to Remember

by Amanda Bedgood

PASA's Gatsby-themed gala packed with style

If you hadn't heard by now, that Jay Gatsby knows how to throw a party. How fitting then that PASA's latest soiree should be deemed A Gatsby Affair. On Friday night, Richard Young gave the Gatz a run for his money at The Victorian with a shindig filled with all the razzle dazzle of the 20's with Broussard PD arriving ever-so dramatically in pursuit of some man on the run - how very Prohibition Era.

From the bathtub filled with booze and ice to the Clay Judice Jr. piece of Charlie Chaplin watching us from the stage awaiting auction, the place was black and white and flapper-era all over. In the style department there are few eras as wonderful for costume dressing than this one. The ladies (and a couple gents) didn't disappoint.

Prissy Wilson and husband David were honored by PASA and the dame (along with her entire fam) did the era justice. Mr. Prissy was dapper as Gatsby in a tux while his wife pulled off a fabulous hat and red lip. Also sporting the perfect hat was Olivia Regard who did double duty on Friday making an appearance at another event before donning her cloche and heading to Broussard - now that's multitasking.

Crystall Coroy was sequin-covered in a perfect dress with a lovely little headpiece from the archives of the beloved mother and fashion devotee of Erica Courtney and Cezanne Nails. Elizabeth Bernard was a stunner in a black dress with a smattering of sequins and beautiful headband.

The IND's own Robin Herbert was nearly incognito in a flapper bob wig (no matter what she thinks, it's a great cut for her) and her date Kelly Guidry pulled out his artist's eye for a look that was quite Gatsby from fedora to vest.

Jason Guilbeau looked ever the gentleman in his tux with date Mallory Broussard who was a tall drink of sparkling water in a black shimmering dress and lacy-covered legs.

The affair was certainly one to remember.