The Bayou gets chic

by Amanda Bedgood

Bayou Gauche brand launches with a sophisticated design and bit of southern charm

We all love those pieces of clothing that make life easier. You know, the top that never makes you feel fat. The one that works with more than one thing in the closet. That looks as good as it feels. We can dream. But, one Lafayette lady is tired of dreaming it. She did the thing. The result is a lovely shirt by Bayou Gauche.

The brand launched just last week by Nicole LeBlanc has been brewing for awhile. It's what she describes as "the simple shirt with the perfect balance of sophistication and comfort. The well constructed shirt that could last through the seasons and passing trends. The shirt you could effortlessly put on and feel like a million bucks."

Right now the shirt is on sale at Kiki in an icy blue and summery white and every detail is fine from the lovely navy label to the bit of seersucker lining.

The tops are sewn in New Orleans and if this first showing is any indication, there's something utterly southern about the direction of the design. Something with a history, and yet, something fresh.