Movin' on up

by Amanda Bedgood

Gifts perfect for great grads in your life

Buying a graduation gift can be one tough task, depending on the grad in your life. Are they heading to college far far away? Sticking close to home? Are they a college grad headed for their first real job? Is this your dearest friend or your great niece you haven't seen since she had those braces? Whoever they might be and whoever you might be to them, we've got you covered.

Let's start with the gals. For a gift that's a great price range and certainly usable whether it's college graduation or high school, we found this cool Little Black Dress Jewelry Organizer at Tenzie & Co. Perfect for the compact space of dorm rooms or that first little apartment afforded with that first job (and entry level paycheck). And here's where you get creative - fill it up. Try the $5 earring rack at Vanessa V. and put a cool pair of colorful statement earrings in each pouch.

If you're looking for jewelry they can keep forever, we've got two options. Over at kiki we are in love with the DoDo collection. These charms are usually gold, but this black swallow of sparkling gems is part of a smaller rainbow collection we just love. DoDo charms are a collectible kind of thing that can be worn on bracelets or necklaces and each charm has a clever little meaning. This swallow - "come back to me." How perfect a reminder for your beloved grad that the door will always be open no matter how far they travel.

Maven Menswear also has some lifelong gifts by way of the Spexton collection handcrafted here in the USA. The stainless steel and titanium rings come in an amazing assortment of subtle designs that would work for him and her in a way far more chic than a classic class ring.

For the music lover (and a more affordable price point) we found this wooden speaker at Red Arrow Workshop compatible with just about anything you could think of and with a lithium battery. Music on the go. Perfect for those impromptu parties err study sessions. Study sessions.