The true hybrid

by Amanda Bedgood

We talk a lot about fashion and comfort meeting. Well they did and it's called a Flogg.

Beauty is pain. It's what I tell my husband when I pluck his stray eyebrows. It's what I tell myself when I've been on four-inch heels all day long. Suck it up. Beauty is pain.

But, alas, white hitting the boutiques this week I arrived at Maven Womenswear just as a fresh shipment of heels arrived. Heels like I'd never seen before - crazy comfy and really cute. They're called Floggs.

The Flogg's little secret - EVA cushioning. That's right, the same stuff used in ski boots and bike saddles is basically memory foam cushioning your entire foot. But, unlike most other brands that tout pillow-top feeling soles - these are super sexy.

With a throwback design that harkens to the free spirit of the 70's, these retro-inspired shoes are miles high without the pain. Beauty, in this case, doesn't have to hurt. Now if only they could invent a painless tweezer.