Lovely leather

by Amanda Bedgood

Leather without the animal. Gotta see it (and feel it) to believe it.

So this week I headed over to visit the gals at Sky Blue and peruse some options for our upcoming fashion shoot and spotted a cool collection of bags and wallets.

"Those are vegan leather," they tell me.

Come again?

Leather is animal by definition, no? But, alas we live in a world where anything is possible. And so these lovely bags by Lavishy Viaggio give that gleam of perfectly worn leather without any of the sacrifice from our furry friends.

The pieces are actually made from a faux leather that's quite durable and emblazoned with images that speak to the wandering traveler in this IND Styler. The owl bag with script is poetry in fashion, while an elephant wallet with a map background of Africa carries the same vivid hues of a Sahara sunset and that dark horse piece is the regal choice for the rider in your life.