Q&A Clay Judice Jr.

by Amanda Bedgood

Clay Judice Jr. gives new meaning to a "jeans and T-shirt" kind of guy. The T-shirts - distressed, snug.

Clay Judice Jr. gives new meaning to a "jeans and T-shirt" kind of guy. The T-shirts - distressed, snug. The jeans - the perfect cut from a store like Genterie Supply. He adds military boots from a resale shop, a couple of leather cuffs procured here and there and tops it all with a mop of messy hair and that certain something that's connected to the essence of an artist. While he's laid back, his look is not without thought. Judice, however, is increasingly short on time with four children in his and wife Wendy's brood. With icons of style like Fight Club's Tyler Durden and Johnny Depp as inspiration and a collection of pieces that work together in unexpected ways, it's clear this dad has nailed the art of effortless dressing on very little time.

Photos by Robin May

Describe your approach to style:
If I think I can pull it off,  I can, and I always think I can. For me, style is about being comfortable and confident in choices of dress. My approach is eclectic, I have always pulled and borrowed aspects from a diverse range of gear. I recognize when something appeals to me, whether in a movie, a magazine or some other random venue.

What inspires your fashion choices?
It's just a feeling.  It's pretty simple, if I see it and I like it, I'll probably use it.  I love retro early 1900's - the henley shirts, the hats, the suspenders, the shoes - always in style.
Style icons?**
Vincent Gallo, Heath Ledger, Johnny Depp, Shannon Hoon, the Avett Brothers, Tyler Durden, Richie Tennenbaum and Steve Zissou. Yes, the last three on the list are fictional characters.

Do you have a signature color or piece of clothing?
Color - Does muted count as a color? I also like wearing a combination of darks. I love stripes, that old 1960s pink, maroons, and the Life Aquatic colors.
Clothes - I've got these rugged military style boots I picked up second hand in a New Orleans thrift store, bought fresh insoles and they are better than new. I've got a grey long sleeve henley that I will wear with just about anything. I always have a good pair of jeans, and I'll wear them till they fall apart. Oliver Peoples eyeglasses and leather cuffs.

Any fashion addictions?
T-shirts. I am always on the lookout for a cool T-shirt. It's hard to beat a good T-shirt in the Louisiana climate.

Anything you absolutely will never wear?
Pleated pants, large shirts and those spiky hair hats.

Do you have a secret talent?
Acting, arranging furniture and other design ideas, repurposing and finishing found items. I have some carpentry skills and love pulling out the tool belt for odd projects and ideas. I love to sing, but it hasn't been confirmed as a talent.

Your idea of happiness
Holding my wife at night, making my kids laugh, spending time with family, relaxing days of barbecue, beach, or golf, festivals and listening to my music loud.

Does being a dad influence how you dress?
No, not from a style point of view. I haven't changed, but the time spent on choices and ideas has been greatly diminished.