Well Dressed Man

by Amanda Bedgood

Sharpen up your dapper dad this month.

****[Model Jim Phillips / Photos by Robin May]

**Sharpen up your dapper dad this month.


Jim Phillips dresses just fine. He's like most of the men we know. He knows what works for him, and he sticks with it. But, it's Father's Day and it's time to get our beloved fellows to shake it up. So we headed to Maven Menswear to see just what we could find that would fit the bill for this busy thespian in the way of something different.

Narrow minded
First rule of dressing well is proportions. We know you men love those roomy jeans and slacks. Don't worry, we're not trying to get you all into skinny jeans (even we don't really want to wear them, truth be told). But, you can all do with a bit of trimming in the width.
Pants - A slimmer leg elongates and trims while remaining roomy and comfy enough to let you take it easy.
Shirt - A trim fit whittles the middle when done right. A cut that's closer instantly gives a more put-together vibe.
The fabric of our lives**
One of the easiest updates for the fellas is a new fabrication. While it may be hard to break into a new style, a change in the materials of your clothes can open a new world (and you'll be pleasantly surprised to find it's usually a more comfy one, too).
Pants - These canvas blend pants are still a neutral but much cooler than the average jean or khaki pant. And most important, the fabric is super soft and stretches in every direction.
Shirt -** A plaid done modern is fresh but masculine and a fabric that's lighter weight than the average button down is perfect for looking dapper and keeping cool in South Louisiana.

Feet first
One of the oft overlooked details is the most important. The shoes. They give it all away. A brand new look isn't complete without a new take on the casual shoe. These canvas chocolate Zuriick shoes are the right blend of everyday and date night. Comfy as a tennis shoe, but cool enough for dinner with your gal.

Get the message
In lieu of a brief case or backpack consider a messenger bag. (We just refuse to call it a man purse.) It's a much younger (and more stylish) take on the something to carry all your important somethings.