To market, to market

by Amanda Bedgood

Farmers' Market host to some surprising style

I headed to the first Lafayette Farmers and Artisans Market Saturday morning at the Horse Farm bright and early for some wholesome eats. I wore sunglasses and no mascara. (It was one of those mornings.) And while I certainly spotted some yummy eats, it was the artisan portion of the market that most pleasantly found this IND Styler itching to buy turquoise necklaces instead of turnip greens.

Kathy Prejean brought out her handmade pieces (yes, she even shapes the beautiful metal plates and medallions on her pieces) I'd love to wear with an easy maxi dress.

A simple crossbody bag of leather could be found in several varieties amongst the wooden spoons at Mikes Woodworks. Just the sort of thing perfect to wear to the market each week to carry your cash and phone.

My favorite pieces were found at a newbie vendor - williemaesugar. The pieces have a bit of a boho vibe (you know how into boho I am right now) with a style that's truly one of a kind. While they aren't found at any local boutiques yet, we have a feeling that will change very soon. We just hope they show at this week's market with a certain necklace this gal shouldn't have passed up.