Birds of a feather

by Amanda Bedgood

Flock to style inspired by the fowl's most beautiful attribute.

I love feathers. Always have. Not of the boa variety, but more of that tribal vibe. Whether it's the subtle curve of a feather or the light touch of its distinct feel on the finger, I can't say. But, when I spot one, particularly in jewelry, I can't resist.

While the feathers in the hair and the large feather earrings have begun to fade from trending fashionistas, the shape and likeness remains strong with the never ending stream of boho wares.

Maven Womenswear puts a unique spin on the feather - funking it up a bit. A vivid orange top covered in feathers is paired with a contrasting pair of must-have mint shorts and in true Maven style rounded out with unexpected boots. For accessories with this ensemble we'd stay away from the feather and go with an armful of skinny bangles and a necklace or two with a demure gold chain and a bead or even a little locket.

At Red Arrow Workshop we're loving the feather bracelets - just the sort of jewelry perfect for layering in a way that's hippie chic or wearing solo if you're less hippie and more hip.

At Vanessa V., a new line of wrap pieces with feathers is perfect for the undecided IND Styler - they can go head wrap or bracelet easily. At our boho fashion shoot, one model donned the piece in turquoise - the perfect topping for a head of braided hair.