Smart scents

by Amanda Bedgood

Fragrances with a brain promise the smell of youth

I've officially seen it all (or should I say smelled it all). There are more anti aging products than there are wrinkles on Joan Rivers real face, and I've seen many, read about even more and am intrigued by most. But, at a recent trip to Knotting Hill took a liking to their newest item in the store - an anti-aging fragrance.

The River Ranch boutique recently became home to a line of Harvey Prince fragrances - each with a lovely and unique combination of scents based on more than just your sniffer - chief among them one aptly dubbed Ageless.

Per the folks at Harvey Prince, who use all nontoxic and cruelty-free methods, the youth in a bottle is the result of some serious research from the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation (where do we sign up for that gig), which found that pink grapefruit and mango are particularly powerful in shaving off the years. Sounds a bit cuckoo? Per HP "the fragrant notes disguise the familiar scent of age, caused by the breakdown of particular fatty acids in your skin." Well, who can argue with that? To be serious, the fragrance is a delicious blend that does beckon something of youth without smelling like a silly girl. A lighthearted scent that is utterly feminine. The folks at HP describe it as fresh, sensual and luminous.

Knotting Hill also carries a super flirty Eau Flirt, an earthy Yogini and this IND Styler's favorite - Hello. Hello is described as welcoming, loving and refreshing - just what women want at any age.

And as for the Eau Flirt that promises men will be drawn like honeybees to the flower? The fragrance has notes of pumpkin pie and lavender hidden within - scents that are shown to evoke a passionate response in men more so than any other smell. Now that's smell with smarts. If only we could bottle the allure of that first football game of the season - they'd never leave our side.