The bags of Freetown

by Amanda Bedgood

Vintage collector unleashes her finds for sale

Robin Hebert is a collector. The fashion maven (and IND development director of special projects) has acquired an extraordinary amount of vintage handbags and now she's bringing them to the masses with Freetown Bags.

"I've been a collector since I was a teenager," Robin says. "The collection began when I played dress up at my grandmother's. Her closet and jewelry box was a treasure chest. I still have the two handbags she let me play with. Sorry, those are staying in my permanent collection."

But, there are many up for sale including funky hippie-chic wares and unexpected finds like the alligator bag that's genuine skin or the Lady Liberty piece perfect for Independence Day. Many of her pieces have an utterly ladylike vibe with others recalling the era of Mad Men. The collection in total is reminiscent of Robin's own style - irreverent, unexpected and, of course, vintage.

"Vintage handbags say more about your style than your clothing," Robin notes.

Spoken like a true collector. Check out the latest Freetown Bags on Facebook at