Commercial Progress Report

Toot and Scoot Service Coming to South Lafayette

by Lisa Hanchey

Acadiana Prescription Shop expands near Lourdes campus. Acadiana Prescription Shop expands near Lourdes campus. By Lisa Hanchey

Monday, June 17, 2013

Photo by Robin May

Pharmacists Ryan LeBlanc and Joel Fruge

Since 1969, Acadiana Prescription Shop has provided fast, personalized service to patients at its Oil Center location at 454 Heymann Blvd. Now the independent pharmacy is opening a second shop on the fast-growing south side of Lafayette at 5000 Ambassador Caffery Parkway in the Province building near Our Lady of Lourdes Regional Medical Center.

Originally owned by the late Philip Comeaux, Acadiana Prescription Shop was purchased by pharmacist Joel Fruge in 2002. The pharmacy's location near Lafayette General Medical Center and numerous physicians' offices was a major selling point. Besides prescription medications, the shop offers a vitamin section, over-the-counter medicines and diabetes supplies. Among its best-selling products are nebulizers. Acadiana Prescription Shop also does compounding, including topical hormones, pain and nausea medicines.

Over the years, the pharmacy garnered a reputation for fast, friendly, personal service, leading to a loyal customer base. "We can fill prescriptions within two to three minutes," Fruge says. "There's no waiting. We are madder than the customers if they have to wait."

Acadiana Prescription Shop also has a large physician following. "We are known to have medications in stock in the store," Fruge says. "Doctors, dentists and podiatrists also rely on us for dosing and medication information. We have several doctors who practice on the other end of town, and they come here."

In 2010, Fruge and his business partner of five years, pharmacist Ryan LeBlanc, purchased the pharmacy file from Begneaud's Pharmacy, adding a whole new group of patients. But doctors on the south side wanted their patients to have the same high quality of service offered in the Oil Center. About a year ago, Fruge started getting a lot of requests from physicians to open a location in that area of town. "The doctors were interested in having the personal service of an independent pharmacy on the south side of town," he says. "They like the prompt service with no waiting."
Not only do the doctors appreciate prompt service, but patients do, too. "Who wants to wait for medicine when you are sick or not feeling well?" Fruge says.

Fruge found space in the Province office complex facing Ambassador Caffery Parkway across from Lourdes' hospital. The building is accessible from Ambassador in the front, and Farrel Road from the rear. A walk-in clinic, Acadiana Urgent Care, is also located in the complex.
Like the original location, the south Lafayette pharmacy will offer curbside service, delivery and fast filling of prescriptions. "We are going to be offering the same quality of service that our customers have come to know and rely on in the Oil Center," Fruge says.

At its Oil Center location, Acadiana Prescription Shop has eight employees, including five pharmacists, on staff. The south side branch will have two full-time pharmacists, a technician and a cashier.

To streamline the filling process, Acadiana Prescription Shop offers a free iPhone app. Customers can order prescriptions and receive notifications when they are ready by text or email. The pharmacy is also implementing a website,, which is currently under construction. All insurance is accepted at both locations.

Customers appreciate the atmosphere found at Acadiana Prescription Shop, Fruge says. "We are like a family here. We pride ourselves in taking care of the person."

Acadiana Prescription Shop's south Lafayette location is scheduled to open in early July.