Well shaded

by Amanda Bedgood

Variety is the spice of life in eyewear come summer

There are few things that instantly pull it all together like a great pair of sunnies. And so, on this first day (official) of summer we're rounding up some of the coolest shades to beat the heat. Whether you're lounging poolside or simply running errands sans makeup, a fabulous pair of sunglasses will serve you well all summer long. And as has been in the case in other forays of fashion, the trends are all over the map - demure to daring, campy to chic.

We'll start with some of the funkier choices this season with a pair of shades that give this IND Styler visions of the lovely Penny Lane (Almost Famous fashion at its finest). The super round colored lenses on these beauties from Maven Womenswear are certainly a choice for the hippiest of chics among us. But, pair with a dapper menswear inspired ensemble and you're just the right blend of edge and ease.

For a more classic look try these tortoise shell glasses with a hint of blue from Shoe La La by Tom's. They'll serve you year after year and offer that rare chance to give back. For every pair of glasses you buy Tom's funds one individual to restore or save their sight.

For the everyday eyewear you can't beat a good pair of aviators. There's something sexy and unisex about these Ray Bans from LA Specs with green lenses. And with a kind of universal appeal they go easily from office to beach. Perhaps our favorite of all are the sexy little black sunnies by Versace at LA Specs. They're just the sort of thing we'd see on our favorite vixen - red lips, pencil skirt. And yet, just the sort of glasses that take your sloppy bun and cut offs to a glamorous place.