Heart and style

by Amanda Bedgood

A fashion show about much more than the clothes

There are many who (gasp) think of fashion as a frivolous thing. Anything that has the ability to bring smiles to the faces of parents, to send sweet little girls stomping down runways with a splitting grin and a bit of a sashay - that's a thing of power. A beautiful thing.

At Espirit de Coeur yesterday such things were happening at the Dreams Come True Fashion Show. Each year the Louisiana nonprofit (their mission - grant wishes for children with life-threatening illness) hosts a fashion show for the children who are part of Dreams as well as their siblings. For the first time they brought the show to Lafayette where they were met with open arms from be. Salon where all the girls were given the royal treatment (and even some of the dudes let them run a comb through their hair). Melodi's, Paperdoll, Maven and Vanessa V. opened their closets for the kids. And models Shaquana Lewis, Tyler Wilson and Katherine Gordon taught the kids how to stomp the runway.

It was a day you'd like to do again. Not because anything should be different. But, because it was just so good to be gone so quickly. It was proof that fashion has the power to bring a bit of escape and joy in even the bleakest of circumstances. That a good dose of fun is a thing to be take seriously. And that all those frivolous things like fashion and art and beauty are just what we need more than anything.