Bring on the bling

by Amanda Bedgood

Thoroughly modern designer slated for Lafayette trunk show at Maven

I've been a Spexton fan since I first laid eyes on their modernly designed rings at Maven Menswear. The Oklahoma jewelry designer handcrafts pieces that are a unique blend of classic and forward thinking. At Maven, there's quite a collection of them. But, this girl must admit it was all that bling the girls have been posting that captured my attention this week along with a promise of meeting the hands behind the handcrafted.

Saturday the brains behind Spexton will be on hand at the River Ranch stores with the promise of helping you designer your own bit of bling if you're in the market for just such a thing.

The ring that's captured this IND Styler's heart most thoroughly - the two-tone ring with a large and smaller diamond. Just what a thoroughly modern bride-to-be could rock. For the gents in your life, I'm obsessed with the crosshatch design on the men's two-tone wedding band. It's a piece that's cool enough to stand alone if nuptials aren't in your future.

While the signature rings are sure to bring bling lovers to the River Ranch stores, it is the new collection of bracelets and pendants we're itching to see. If these rings are any indication they'll be just what we need for summer's sleek wares.