Dish of the Month

by Kari Walker

It's our EatLafayette Dish of the Month.

Judice Inn has called 3134 Johnston St. home since 1947 when brothers Alcide and Marc Judice built the establishment themselves and started serving the "best hamburgers in town." The Judices pride themselves on building a business known for quality and superior customer service. Not many restaurants can say they have not only delivered consistently sought-after food for over 65 years, but also continue to keep family at the helm. Gerald Judice, the youngest of Marc's sons, runs the restaurant and takes pride in what his father and uncle have contributed to the Lafayette restaurant scene. Judice Inn has long participated in EatLafayette, doing its part to support local dining.

The menu is simple. "It's worked for 65 years - we must be doing something right," Gerald says.

At INDEats, we understand that some dishes don't have to be fancy to be perfect, which is why the EatLafayette Dish of the Month is one of those classics since 1947 - the double cheeseburger. Judice Inn starts with a freshly ground Angus beef patty and melted American cheese between an Evangeline Maid bun topped with shredded lettuce and fresh onion. The Judice sauce comes on every burger and if you love it, ask for extra. The tomato-based blend with spices is a family secret, so keep guessing what's in it because the Judice family's lips are sealed. INDEats likes to top our double cheese burger with a fried egg for an added flavor element.

Make your own version of a Judice Inn burger at home with this recipe from the restaurant. However, be advised that there are no true measurements, as the Inn's employees say they "eyeball" most of what goes in the mix.

For the patties:
Fresh ground 81/19 Angus ground beef
Seasoning mix - cayenne pepper, black pepper, bread crumbs and salt (all to taste)
Splash of milk to bind meat mix
Patties are best if cooked on a griddle surface. Preserve patty drippings for preparation of optional fried egg.

Fresh shredded lettuce
Thin-sliced raw onion rings
Mustard and mayonnaise blend (60/40 ratio)
Judice sauce - a tomato-based spice-blend sauce (we like a blend of ketchup and Cajun Power Garlic Sauce; whisk together and season to taste)
Sliced American cheese
One egg fried in drippings from grilled hamburger patties

To assemble:
Take one Evangeline Maid hamburger bun and spread Mustard-mayonnaise mix on top half of bun and Judice sauce on bottom bun. Place one patty with melted cheese on bottom bun and repeat with second patty. Place fried egg on top patty and sprinkle generously with shredded lettuce and fresh onion. Add top of bun and serve.

Judice Inn
3134 Johnston St.
(337) 984-5614