Timeless, Ageless, Statement

by Amanda Bedgood

There are but a few pieces every single woman needs in her closet ...


There are but a few pieces every single woman needs in her closet - a nude heel is one of them. No matter your age or figure, a nude heel adds inches to legs and works beautifully with ensembles from ladylike dresses of the demure variety to funky little skirts. They are the sort of shoe you can truly wear year round and year after year. We've found just such a heel. But we couldn't give you just any ole pump. We had to amp it up with a wicked gold heel that's just this side of too sexy. From Shoe La La, $103.


The antiaging industry is a massive one (we may want to age gracefully, but we aren't doing it cheaply) at $80 billion a year in the U.S. alone, and I wonder if I haven't seen every product aimed at bringing on the fountain of youth. So it was with great delight I was so taken aback by the newest in fighting the clock at a local boutique - ageless fragrance.

Harvey Prince (carried locally at Knotting Hill) is known for its nontoxic and alluring scents, and now it's added anti-aging to its fold. The newest fragrance in the house is aptly dubbed Ageless and promises more than a hint of what the young smell like. Per its research gleaned from the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation, certain scents (chiefly mango and pink grapefruit) counteract the smell of aging (thanks to the breakdown of certain fatty acids in the skin). And here we thought just tossing the mothballs would do.


Making a statement doesn't have to cost a fortune. We've spotted two pairs of earrings bold enough to bring any ensemble to attention. And at less than $25 a pair, we're sure you can snag enough to keep you in the statement frame of mind on a daily basis.

A pair of long tomato red earrings takes any dress to the next level. From Vanessa V. Boutique. (We found these beauties on the $12 rack.)

For jewelry that's tough and sweet at once, we love these pearl earrings with wicked spikes. Make your demure dresses daring and your wild dresses a bit tamer with these unique earrings from Maven Womenswear, $24.