EatLafayette Dish of the Day: Olde Tyme Special

by Kari Walker

New Orleans style Poor Boys have been a Saints Streets staple for more than 30 years - order the Special to taste why.

Olde Tyme Grocery has been a Saints Street dining tradition since Glenn Murphree opened the doors in 1982. Murphree, a New Orleans native, has always had a place in his heart for deli meats married with soft and crusty French bread.

The Olde Tyme Special, our first Dish of the Day from the Saints Streets area, is a menu staple that lives up to its name. It's perfect for the diner who can't decide on what to get sandwiched between some Langlinais French bread - ham, turkey, roast beef and Swiss cheese. Topped with lettuce, tomato and brown gravy, the Olde Tyme Special's flavors quite possibly make the perfect poor boy this side of the Mississippi River.

Order a half for $6.50 or a whole for $8.95 - but remember, Olde Tyme is cash or check only.

Photo by: Kari Walker

Olde Tyme Grocery
218 W. St. Mary Blvd.
(337) 235-8165

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