Keep Calm and Buy Artesia

by Amanda Bedgood

Amid rumors, retailer confirms the doors are staying open

Gina Babineaux, who helms Artesia, brought out a bevy of fashionable ladies last week for a little shindig where we learned two things - they have a new manager (so cute Michelle Elwell) and Gina is moving (moved actually) to Texas. The rumor mill has been abuzz with the relocation and the inevitable "she's closing! Closing!" whispers. But, Gina has assured us Artesia is well and safe from closure.

"My husband got a promotion and it was the right time," she says simply.

Gina has remained immersed in Artesia - even on a daily basis thanks to technology.

"All of our computers are networked and I can print over there from here and they can do the same. We have cameras and I can even watch in real time," she says.

She makes regular visits back to Lafayette for staff meetings and says this relocation is giving her much needed time to work on Artesia's online presence.

"We're going to revamp the website and relaunch e-commerce," she explains.

At the Johnston Street store she continues to carry her signature blend of wares - most recently adding an impressive wall of perfectly priced jewelry. Customers (and pals) like Shannon Lynd were finding just what they wanted - on trend bright prints and classic black and white pieces. And Gina promises more of what customers love ensuring us she'll still be the one heading to market to hand pick Artesia wares.

"The markets are even more accessible now that I can just fly out of Houston," she says.

The next question on everyone's mind: Artesia, Texas?

"It's not out of the question," she says with a very quick follow up. "No, not right now."

Sounds to us like Katy, Texas has something to look forward to