EatLafayette Dish of the Day: The Lab's affogato

by Kari Walker

Drown end of the weekend sorrows in a cup of espresso and handcrafted cold creams.

It's EatLafayette Sweet Treats week over at The IND, and if you're having a case of the Mondays, stop by The Lab in River Ranch for a coffee fix like no other.

Thomas Peters and The Lab staff are brewing up cups of creativity daily. Today's Dish of the Day is The Lab's affogato - Italian for "to drown." The caffeinated delight starts with three scoops of housemade cold cream with two shots of espresso drizzled on top. It's a unique pairing, but the creaminess of the cold cream and the boldness of the espresso create a grown-up version of an ice cream sundae.

The Lab staff knows how to pair flavors - this particular affogato features a mix of two popular cold cream flavors, Salted Caramel and Knob Creek and CTC (named after the flavoring from a popular cinnamon-sugar flavored cereal) topped with Cuvée Coffee Kenyan espresso. If you aren't feeling the jolt, decaf can be substituted, and for those who cannot tolerate dairy products, Peters has developed several dairy-free cold cream offerings as well. Mention EatLafayette and receive an affogato for $3.75

Photo by: Kari Walker

The Lab Handcrafted Coffees & Comforts

1042 Camelia Blvd. No. 6
(337) 889-5782

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