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by Walter Pierce

The Young Professionals of LAGCOE gathered at Posados June 5 for a social.

Friday, July 19, 2013
By ABiz Staff

The Young Professionals of LAGCOE gathered at Posados June 5 for a social. The members of the organization enjoyed cool drinks and delicious eats at the local restaurant as LAGCOE gears up for its mammoth event come October. Realizing that its continued success will rely on the innovation of future industry leaders, the young professionals group promotes bold, inventive approaches to the quest for energy.

1. Danielle Morrissey and Alissa Sarradet
2. Mark Delahoussaye and Tiffany Steward
3. Courtney Bustle and Jenny Baudoin
4. Sara Damewood and Sam Suire
5. Jake Yentzen and Kelly Menard
6. Chris Kahn and Corey Capritto
7. (front row) Michael Boudreaux, Hollie Citron, Tom Hebert, Kelsey Corrigan, Al Trevino and Angela Cring; (back row) Jeffery Fooshee, Travis Ritz and Taylor Brazzel

Gina Babineaux treated her best customers to a special night of shopping and nibbles at women's clothing store Artesia. Babineaux, who recently moved to Katy, Texas, threw the shindig in honor of new manager Michelle Elwell. Babineaux says the store will go on with Elwell running the show, though she visits often. Plans for a Texas Artesia? Not completely off the table - but not anytime soon.

1. Michelle Elwell and Gina Babineaux
2. Lauren Audirsch, Brittany Dietzen, Michelle Elwell and Danielle Simon
3. Nandi Linscombe and Leah Talbot
4. Emily McManus and Michelle Gallien
5. Kate Thibodeaux and Jennifer Angelle
6. Shannon Broussard Lynd
7. Lesley Mask, Kate Thibodeaux, Jennifer Angelle, Ashley Simon and Christy Singleton

Social Southern Table and Bar hosted a luncheon to preview its summer menu additions in early July, inviting local media and foodies to taste the seasonal items.
Guests sipped on refreshing cocktails like the Watermelon Crawl and were served menu fare buffet-style.
Anna Goodson Stringer greeted guests and welcomed praise for new menu items while Charlie Goodson and Marc Krampe were hard at work keeping plates full of flavor. (Goodson was even spotted clearing dishes and wiping tables.)

1. Charlie Goodson and Anna Goodson Stringer
2. Emily and Justin Berk
3. Denise Robichaux, Josh Hundley and Sandra Dorton     
4. Pam and Thomas Peters
5. Forrest McBride and Taylor Meaux
6. Watermelon and feta salad with Balsamic reduction