EatLafayette Dish of the Day: Twin's double cheeseburger

by Camille LeJeune

Double the beef means double the flavor.

Owners and twin brothers Billy and Danny Guilbeaux are not the only things that come in twos - Twin's Burgers and Sweets in the South College shopping center off Johnston Street is grilling up not one, but two juicy patties for EatLafayette's Dish of the Day.

Twin's double cheeseburger is dressed with lettuce, tomato and mayo and topped with melted cheese and sandwiched between two honey buns that hint at the perfect amount of sweetness. The burger is $6.35. Pair with a bag of VooDoo Zaps and treat your sweet tooth from their wall of desserts. There's nothing like a good old fashioned cheeseburger in the summertime.

Twin's Burgers and Sweets

2801 Johnston St.

(337) 268-9488

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