Elena's arrives

by Amanda Bedgood

Oil Center store focuses on natural fabrics

Elena Baker has a thing for linen. In fact, it's the focus of her newly opened Oil Center store - Elena's.

"I specialize in linen," the Russian born Baker says. "It's perfect fabric for this climate. For the south. It's very breathable and can really wear it year round."

She says darker linen and different linen blends gives the once summertime fabric a more versatile life.

But, it's not just linen she's stocking. She has pottery pieces as well as a collection of natural fiber pieces from those she's found at market like amazing hand painted silk creations to her very own designs.

"I'm from Russia and I like fashion. All my life I grew up where we didn't have too much and didn't have nice clothes to buy. My mom used to make clothes for me. She taught me," Baker says.

After creating such pieces for an online store, she's set out on her own.

In addition to linen and other natural fabrics, she also has a thing for cork. Our favorite - these cork heels with a metallic detail.