EatLafayette Dish of the Day: Rachael's Paleo meatloaf

by Kari Walker

Comfort food for the health conscious.

Rachael's Cafe to many is considered a Cajun cafe, but their healthy dining options are impressive. INDEats starts a week of health conscious fare with Rachael's Paleo meatloaf served along side coconut sweet potatoes and Brussels sprouts.

What makes this meatloaf unique is it's prepared sans bread crumbs and is grain and gluten-free. You won't miss the extra carbs and will feel full and satisfied. Diners can choose two sides. Pictured are the coconut sweet potatoes, which are prepared with coconut oil, a healthy fat. Additionally, the Brussels sprouts are roasted with bacon - you can't go wrong when cooking with bacon.

As someone who follows a Paleo lifestyle, this is my favorite dish on the menu. If you've never heard of a Paleo lifestyle, ask one of the chefs for some insight.

Photo by: Kari Walker

Rachael's Cafe
104 Republic Ave. Ste. B
(337) 504-4625

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