Last Call

by Amanda Bedgood

Deadline for INDStyle approaches

You IND Stylers have until September to plan that outfit for our can't-miss fashion fete. But, we are looking now for the lucky (and by lucky we means fantastically dressed) folks who will be honored during our 2013 IND Style Awards. Deadlines for submissions are Monday 5 p.m. so don't delay.

Honorees need only be an Acadiana man or woman with great individual style. There are no limits on age and certainly none on how very audacious the dresser might be. Come one, come all. But, you must come dressed well.

We're not looking for the run of the mill round here. Our aim - to honor those with a unique sense of style. We like our dressers independent at the IND.

Send your nominations along with a variety of photos to Robin Hebert at [email protected] for consideration.