Shot to the heart

by Amanda Bedgood

Arrows and swords pierce accessories

I don't know if it's my affection for the Hunger Games (saw Catching Fire preview this weekend and got chills, again) and Game of Thrones but I can't get enough of the arrows and swords about town.

They've been cropping up for awhile along with other weaponry from guns to bullets and I can't get enough.

Red Arrow Workshop (how very apt) has a couple new arrows while Maven has a killer collection of sword pieces.

The most innovative way to do the arrow has show up with this ring at Red Arrow. With a simple design it's just the sort of ring we would rock with several others a la boho. And it's also the sort of piece that could work just as well solo with an everyday look. A little gold arrow necklace also found at the River Ranch shop is definitely the sort of piece you could wear every single day and the perfect gift for someone who's thoroughly pierced your own heart.

Maven Womenswear has my newest obsession (maybe this is Games of Thrones obsession related?) with their sword necklace and earrings. The necklace pictured here would be beautifully worn solo or easily worn with a collection of silver and rose gold pieces for an eclectic vibe. No matter which you choose, we're sure the games will be ever in your favor whether you're a Targaryen or Everdeen. Now that would be a match, indeed.