Q&A: A Lesson in Style

by Amanda Bedgood

One teacher schools us in giving trend-worthy pieces some soul.

There are people for whom style is simply a way of life. People who love fashion. Who would have to sit on their hands to not pore over the latest trending pieces. Amy Breaux is one of those people. The Northside High teacher and mother of two is a self-professed shopaholic who is a finder of deals and never misses a beat when it comes to what's on the fashion horizon.

Photo by Robin May

Breaux's style is more now than it is timeless. It's clear she's trend savvy while she's also making each piece her own, whether it's a bold necklace or a funky little shoe. The woman knows how to give some soul to what she wears. The North Carolina native has that certain something many Southern girls carry within. Something that's hard to define. Something the rest of the world calls style.
Who schools you in style?**
My mom, daughter, nieces and students. TV and Rachel Zoe on Pinterest give me ideas also.

What looks will be at the head of the class this fall?
Jean vests, moto boots (the punk look), wide legged pants, plaid and camo.
What era do you give an "F" in the fashion department (and did you partake)?**
The '90s. I absolutely did partake in the chunky heels, stirrup pants and long EXP sweaters. The Sam and Libby ballet flats, Liz Claiborne purses and floral vests with the black satin backs. Who can forget the sunflower prints? I loved the '90s but some of that style can stay in the past.

If you could teach the world one thing about style it would be:
I would teach people to stop wearing pajamas in public. "You can never be overdressed or overeducated." Dressing good makes you feel good.
My students would never believe I**
... had a perm and wore MC Hammer pants.