Fresh cut

by Amanda Bedgood

Viereck makes a little something just for us

We're all about keeping it local. But, when an amazing California designer takes time to collaborate with a Lafayette store on a dress design with us Acadiana folks in mind, it's kind of a cool thing. And it's just the way the new Soda by Viereck was born and delivered to Vanessa V. Boutique.

I love a simple dress in a cool print. They are the sort of pieces that go easily from day to night and even season to season if you're clever enough in the styling department. And the new Soda caught this IND Styler's eye as just such a piece. I could wear it with booties or heels, solo or with a little jacket. Definitely take it from day to night. So, I asked about this little Soda number and learned that Deborah Viereck collaborated with Vanessa over at VV to create it just for the store.

"I am always on the hunt to find my customers the absolutely most perfect silhouette that makes them feel great and it's easy for them to wear," Vanessa says. "I want them to find dresses that they can throw on and go and more importantly  the styling and fabrication weight are truly year round."

In fact, Vanessa herself sported her baby bump for a pic in the Soda - proof that it's the kind of cut that works for different shapes. Finding the right cuts for a woman's body is kind of what Viereck is about these days. The once designer of the rock variety (think the great fashion maven Gwen Stefani, the iconic Marilyn Manson), Deborah has found a niche in creating designs that women can wear every day and even to cocktail or business. She says the Soda is just another incarnation of that effort to dress real women well.

"She (Vanessa) knows her customer so well and we've developed something for your basic fashion forward everyday woman," Deborah says. "She's introduced me to this customer and so much of America is like that. These fashionable moms that don't have quite as much time and want to look good and feel that they aren't showing too much."

While the Soda was made in collaboration with Vanessa V., Deborah's sent the new design to several stores with plans to cut a new batch shortly.

"We have good reports already and we're jumping into another cut very soon."

Stay tuned for the next round of prints.