Boys club

by Amanda Bedgood

Pieces tough enough for him and cool enough for her

If last year was the year of menswear, this may be the year of boyfriendwear. The boyfriend jeans are hot again, the relaxed boyfriend button downs and the combat boots tough enough to look like your boyfriend's.

There something a bit sexy about women in men's clothes - that contrast of the masculine and feminine. Over at Hemline a new collection of plaid reminds this IND Styler of her high school years (so Seattle grunge it's about to smell like teen spirit) and I don't mind a bit. Pair your plaid with super skinny jeans and flat little booties. Tie it at the waist and wear with some cutoffs or a fitted maxi skirt for an unexpected combo.

When it comes to combat boots, there are a lot of amazing ones about town. But, it's the ones that are truly for him that caught our eye. The Wolverine 1,000 mile boot is the sort that looks better with age - something we love in our footwear and our men, if we're being honest. Check out Genterie downtown for some cool options of the 1,000 mile variety.