Fall into fearless color

by Amanda Bedgood

Daring nail polish come fall

It's the professional businesswomen, Bath Haus owner Brandee Duhon tells me pointing to a display of wildly colored OPI polishes. Wildly hued polishes have long found their way onto the fingers and toes of the Rihannas of this world. Last year even the First Lady herself rocked a wild gray-blue that lit the nail world afire and this fall promises to be no different.

This IND Styler got a peek at the latest and greatest coming down the polish line from industry standard brands OPI and Essie at Bath Haus. Both are touting a gray with a kind of eggplant and sage iridescent finish.

"This is the color of the season according to both," Brandie says showing a faux nail polished in the unconventional shade.

Essie's calling it For the Twill of It while OPI has deemed their hue Peace & Love & OPI. Either way, it's just what the season ordered for funky ladies.

While summer brought the bright and wild, fall arrives with the dark and wild - rich reds with a funky twist, a gamut of grays with different finishes and a lot of metallic with a hearty dose of blue. But, it's who's wearing these fearless colors that most surprises us. The Bath Hauls owner and I determine it's the wild card many otherwise professionally and demurely dressed women can play. You know how we love a good rebel. Paint on, ladies.