EatLafayette Dish of the Day: Zeus' chicken shawerma

by Kari Walker

Greek and Lebanese dishes mark the last stamp on IND Eats' passport. IND Eats' last stop for this week around the world is a sampling of Greek and Lebanese dishes from Zeus. Today's Dish of the Day is the chicken shawerma plate-marinated chicken breast cooked on a vertical grill and then carved to order. The always freshly prepared meat comes served with hummus and a Greek salad for $12.50.

Photos by: Kari Walker

The family owned and operated restaurant is known for a staff that makes you feel like family, so while dining at the Jefferson St. location, of course the staff suggested IND Eats also taste the meat Moussaka-a traditional layered oven casserole dish made of meat, eggplant, potatoes, and spices. It's rich in flavor and worth every bite, especially considering it's quite labor intensive to cook at home.

Whatever dish you choose from the menu, you are bound to enjoy all Zeus has to offer. And with seven locations in Lafayette alone, it's certain you are never far from the perfect piece of pita.

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Zeus Greek and Lebanese Café

Listing of locations in Lafayette and surrounding areas

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