Thick headed

by Amanda Bedgood

Best products to boost those roots

I am obsessed with big hair. Not of the Toddlers and Tiaras variety. But, big nonetheless. I always have been. It's connected I'm sure to that whole 'you love what you don't have' thing. This girl has some flat limp hair. And so, I was pumped (pun intended) to discover yet another bit of hair booster recently by way of Moroccan Oil's latest product - Root Boost.

A few gals with great hair I know have long used Moroccan Oil. But, they all seemed to have naturally thick locks so I never gave the turquoise bottles a chance. (That and an irrational devotion to Bumble and Bumble.) But, I was persuaded by their latest incarnation that promises amplified hair without the weigh down. They delivered.

It's super light when sprayed on the roots and leaves a smell that lasts all day. (A somewhat sensual scent that passed my super sensitive sniff test.) I snagged the product over at Bath Haus, where they carry the full variety of the line along with most of the Bumble products, which I don't plan to abandon anytime soon.

I've long been a fan of the thickening line from Bumble - shampoo, conditioner and thickening spray. And even more devoted to that fresh scent each of their products carries. (In case you don't know I'm obsessive about smell. It's a problem.) And so, this big hair junkie may have just found the perfect balance between Moroccan Oil and Bumble. Hair heaven.