And the winners are

by Amanda Bedgood

IND Style honorees announced

There's nothing quite like someone with individual, independent, fearless style. Lafayette is full of them. But, only eight made the cut for us over at IND Style. On Sept. 19 you'll have a chance to see them live and on stage during our second IND Style Awards at Acadiana Center for the Arts.

Our winners run the gamut from dapper gents like JD Mosley and sharp dresser Ben Berthelot to quirky Burton Durand and laid back cool Don Holbert. Ladies that topped our list are bubbly Roxanne Graham, fearless Jillian Johnson and vintage lover Amy Guidry along with Angela Cole, who marries sexy and sophisticated flawlessly. Each of our honorees have a unique sense of dressing, their own thoughts on just what style means and in the September issue of IND Monthly you'll meet each of these style mavens before they hit the runway.

The 2013 IND Style Awards also include a killer runway show with retails spots including:  Brother's on the Boulevard, Hemline, Herringstone's, Kiki, Maven, Shoe La La, Sky Blue Clothing, Vanessa V., Knotting Hill, Park Lane and Raffaele Furs/ Dolci Modi Ltd. with presenting sponsor Moss Motors. VIP tickets go for $75 with runway seating while theatre seating runs $45 a ticket and standing room only $25. To buy tickets to go AcA online at or call 337-233-7060. For VIP tickets call Robin Hebert at 337-769-8603 or email [email protected]

Don Holbert

Jillian Johnson

JD Mosley

Roxanne Graham (photo courtesy FACE Magazine)

Ben Berthelot

Amy Guidry

Burton Durand

Angela Cole