EatLafayette Dish of the Day: Joey's Snacking tasso

by Kari Walker

A spicy cured pork sandwich - it's Cajun to geaux Today's Dish of the Day from Joey's is bursting with Cajun flavor - the Snacking Tasso Po'boy is the right blend of spice, salt, and crunch. It starts with French bread dressed with Joey's special spread, leaf lettuce, pickles, and cheese and then generously filled with tasso.

Photos by: Kari Walker

If this spicy cured pork sandwich leaves you looking to cool down your taste buds, sample a few of the handmade desserts in the cooler at the counter. With a variety like chocolate covered strawberries, cake balls, and fresh fruit tarts, there is something for every craving.

Joey's is more than a Bertrand Drive lunch destination - it's also a great place to find specialty foods in the market, like fresh meat from the butcher or prepared meal items for dinner at home. And for entertaining, Joey's handles catering as well.

Looking for another Cajun dish to try at Joey's? Mention EatLafayette and try the Turducken sandwich with sweet potato fries for only $8.98.

503 Bertrand Drive
(337) 233-3626

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