Black and white and fabulous all over

by Amanda Bedgood

Black and White Gala style soars

By eight o'clock the tent was buzzing. Whether it was from that Sweet Crude rum tasting in the corner or that certain vibe that comes when good people gather for a good cause. Each year the Black and White Gala endeavors to be that blend of glamour and heart. In the spirit of full disclosure, this IND Styler is part of the American Cancer Society's committee each year that works to strike such a balance.

And so, on Saturday night I was doing doubleĀ  duty - one part committee member and all IND Styler on the lookout for the evening's best dressed. Wasn't hard to spot. Fearless chair Laura Ketteringham was understated beauty in a long black dress with high neck and turquoise earring while co-chair Nichole Forstall was as feisty on the outside as she is inside with her short hair and lace dress.

When it comes to couples, you'd be hard pressed to find a better looking duo than Spirit of Hope winner Dr. Chancellor Donald and his doc wife, Aleicia. She was a study in the fine art of balancing modern and timeless with a dress that did both. The woman killed it.

Kiki Frayard was her usual - sophisticated/effortless - in a perfectly fit black dress and to-die-for (did we mention to die for?) black and white Marc Jacobs clutch. Her hubby takes top honors for that jacket that was pure Casablanca. And we have to give a nod to the inventive Richard Young for more than the decor of the flawless Victorian. The man rocked a wooden bow tie. Yep, wood. (Something you can only find over at Maven Menswear.)

The folks at Event Rental were a good looking bunch, indeed. But, it was the fearless Cristina Sosa that we must applaud for her formfitting dress that showed off all those baby bump curves. If that fashion forward dress is any indication, we can't wait to see what this stylish mom has in store little Penelope who's due to arrive in September.

So, what did this IND Styler wear? After much debate (and by debate, I mean Mr. Bedgood wondering whether my white dress planned for the event was too toga and me then wondering if my white dress was too toga) I went with a simple black dress and art deco earrings I snagged at Vanessa V. with my new favorite hair do - the side braid - and a super red lip. There are few evening looks not made better with a bold red lip. Ask Mallory Acrey, that little fashionista had a red lip that rivaled her returned to red hair and a statement necklace that proved it's all in the details.

In fact, the night was full of fun details like Stephen Barker's bold bowtie and bedazzled shoes.

"Yes, I did them myself," he pulled up a pant leg proudly to show off his sparkling loafers. We'd expect nothing less.

(Photos by Kari Walker)

Co-chair Nichole Forstall in lovely lace and chair Laura Ketteringham is a beauty in black

The man of E's Kitchen flanked by the Sweet Crude Rum duo who kept the night abuzz.

IND photo editor Robin May, tireless committee member Jamie Blanchard, Mr. Bedgood and

yours truly on a break from drooling over Clay Judice Jr.'s Coco Chanel portrait up for auction.

Spirit of Hope honoree Dr. Chancellor Donald with wife Aleicia

The ever chic Kiki Frayard with husband Rick in a killer jacket.

Fearless momma-to-be Cristina Sosa shows off her baby bump.

Richard Young rocking his wooden bow tie pulled off a killer event at The Victorian.