The Vintage Vibe

by Amanda Bedgood

A COO brings vintage dressing to the boardroom

Donna Lindsay knows vintage. And while lovers of vintage aren't too rare a breed, finding one that so seamlessly incorporates it into the corporate world is. The Georgia native and recent transplant to Lafayette, who assumed the post of chief operations officer for the hospital medicine division of Schumacher Group, has a penchant for the '60s and an eye for great finds that work in the workplace.

Photos by Robin May

"I've always been an old soul and incorporated vintage," Lindsay says. "Even as a teenager. I was this little girl who loved my grandmother's necklaces and the gloves she wore on Sundays. An era bygone."

In vintage she finds the chance to express her artistic side looking at local spots like Sky Blue and occasionally online. But it's the experience of the hunt she also enjoys.

"I like trying on. With vintage you have to make sure it's all in good order," she says.

While she's long loved clothing with a history, her tastes have evolved over the years.

"At 50 I want things a bit longer, and there are some challenges you don't worry about at 20," she says with a laugh.

Yellow is her favorite color, but for work she often leans toward neutrals and accessories to give her the vintage vibe more subtly.

"I'll carry a vintage handbag with a business suit or with vintage jewelry," she says. "I like to mix it up. This week I'm wearing a vintage coral bracelet with a contemporary maxi dress."

On the day of her photo shoot, the lean blonde wore a blue dress she snagged on a trip to NYC at a little shop in the West Village. She paired it with sleek new red pumps and a simple handbag. A look that was both old and new. And one of a kind.