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Grand accommodates hearing impaired

by Wynce Nolley

The Grand Theatres in Lafayette now feature CaptiView, a personal closed captioning system to acccomodate movie goers who are hearing imparied.

The cinema has and remains to be a magical place where anyone can step out of their hectic lives and into a living dream where someone else's story takes center stage. However, this easily accessible cop-out has mostly been out of reach for the hearing impaired, until now.

The Grand Theatre has recently rolled out a new piece of technology that fully accommodates deaf and hard-of-hearing audiences called CaptiView, which is a new personal, digital closed-captioning system.

The CaptiView device is a small OLED (Organic light-emitting diode) display on a bendable support arm that fits right into one of the theatre's many seat cup holders, which can be positioned directly in front of the movie patron.

It displays three lines of captions providing more time to read and the freedom to sit anywhere in the theatre.

CaptiView devices are now available at The Grands 16 and 14 here in Lafayette, which are among the first Grand Theatres to feature this new technology. Each theatre has up to six CaptiView devices for hearing-impaired customers.

Hearing-impaired customers can visit The Grand Theatre's website to view listings with the "CC" symbol for movies and showtimes that feature the closed captioning option.

In order to gain a CaptiView device, a customer merely has to request one upon purchasing their ticket along with showing a valid driver's license.

Complete listings of movies featuring closed captioning currently showing at The Grand 16 on Johnston and The Grand 14 on Ambassador can be found at TheGrandTheatre.com.