Turn it up

by Amanda Bedgood

The IND Style Awards equal high volume style.

It was their everyday style that landed IND Style honorees a spot on our eclectic, enviable list. But their runway style at last night's IND Style event at AcA? Well, they slayed this IND Styler.

Roxanne Graham promised a combo of sexy, edgy and flirty in a dress she designed with the ladies of Coco Eros. And she certainly delivered. The tomato dress with leather trim had an amazing flowing hemline and (bonus) that beautiful skirt unsnapped to reveal a short sleek dress made for dancing at the after-party. Speaking of flowing, Angela Cole was like an angel (a really sexy, sophisticated angel) floating down the runway in a nude dress and killer Jimmy Choos to the ever so appropriate 'Roar' by Katy Perry.

Photos by Travis Gauthier

Jillian Johnson brought her unpredictable look in a maxi skirt and eclectic print top while Amy Guidry was as surreal, modern and out of this world as her art. She killed it in a metallic gold dress and ├╝ber funky hosiery.

On the men's side our styling dudes didn't disappoint, with Burton Durand in quirky cool colored pants and Ben Berthelot laid back dapper. JD Mosley was smooth as ever in a sharp suit. But it was perhaps laid back Don Holbert who stole the show when he rolled out with jeans, Converse, cool jacket and man's best friend - his dog.

Stay tuned for a full lineup of pics and even more coverage. With 11 stores and hundreds of fashionistas in attendance, we haven't even scratched the stylish surface.