Event to draw a record crowd

by Walter Pierce

The Acadiana Vinyl Haul's fall swap goes down Sunday so don't be square. (See what we're doing there? Square? Records are round?)

Vinyl was the music medium of choice for most of the 20th century. The vinyl LP record (and 44 rpm) was the worldwide standard. Then the 8-track, the cassette, the compact disc came along and, lo, the warmth was gone, daddy, gone. And the kids these days? It's all digital this and digital that. But back in the day we tossed a crackly vinyl LP on the turn table, shaved our heads with a cheese grater and we liked it that way!

Fear not denizens of yesteryear, the Acadiana Vinyl Haul is here to transport you back to the days of bad-ass album art, printed lyrics and liner notes you can actually read, and secret codes etched into the inner margins. If you have an old stack of records collecting dust, or if you're one of that increasing number of aficionados who actually owns a turntable and collects/listens to vinyl - you'd be surprised how much hipster currency is generated at 33 rotations per minute! - get thee to "The Garage" next door to Zoom Photo Studio, 205B W. Vermilion St. near the Acadiana Center for the Arts downtown, from 2-6 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 29, and you may rub Aladdin's lamp.

Admission is free. Buy, sell or trade records of any vintage. Tables will be available and there will be a silent auction. And the Hibachi Hero food truck will be parked nearby to sate one's appetite for ... stuff cooked on a hibachi.

We rib the vinyl folks but seriously, it's pretty cool. And profitable. One IND staff member recently pocketed $600 selling a small collection of rare punk rock records to a collector who's crazy for cocoa punks.

Find out more about the Acadiana Vinyl Haul at this Facebook page. They're good peeps.