by Amanda Bedgood

Local jewelry designer debuts fall line

Native Owl jewelry has a kind of spirit about it. A heart that's rarely felt in an inanimate object. But, something that perhaps happens when the creator fashions it with great purpose and that hearty dose of heart. It's the way Jamie Faulk does things. Her newest line from the beloved local brand that's arrived in time for fall has an early vibe with just a dash of glam thanks to gold dipped details. It's just the way we love to do bohemian.

As Faulk explains her process, the results make even more sense. She found many of the stones during travels to New Mexico and Northern California and she drew much inspiration from the forests there.

"I drew a lot of inspiration from the redwood trees in regards to the texture and pattern of the clay wrapped portion of the pendants. Strip away the bark or 'protective shield' and a person's inner beauty and essence emerges/shines," she explains with a laugh noting it may be a bit deep for jewelry. "But, that's the meaning I give these or what I'm trying to express with the pieces."

Message received. The pendants run between $35 and $50 and she notes some of the stones come from locally owned Earthly Treasures where they have an amazing selection thanks to the owner's travels.

Find Native Owl pieces at Sky Blue, Red Arrow Workshop and Pack and Paddle.