Queen of Hearts

by Walter Pierce

Former UL homecoming royalty is as down to earth as they come.

Former UL homecoming royalty is as down to earth as they come. By Amanda Bedgood  |  Photo by robin may

Traci Aucoin may be UL royalty, yet she's nothing less than everyday classic when it comes to style. Selected as UL's 1984 homecoming queen in the age of the uber structured suit, the mother of four and project director of GEAR UP, a college access grant in the Lafayette Parish School System, Aucoin knows a thing or two about juggling. And it's something that shows up every day in her personal style choices.

She describes her style as classic and functional. And she has to be ready to take that style from her professional setting preparing students for college who never expected to find a spot in post-secondary education to volleyball and soccer games for her children.

"I try not to feel under-dressed or overstated for a particular situation. I don't really follow current trends but would describe my fashion choices as timeless," Aucoin says. "If I had to make a comparison to an iconic style, I would probably reference Jackie O., but my clothes are far more practical for the type of lifestyle that I lead."

She typically chooses solids over prints and throws in a well-placed pop of color. She loves black and white combos and can't live without a perfectly tailored little black jacket. She doesn't spend much time fretting about her sartorial choices, but looks more at what's comfortable and practical.
"I definitely don't think that you have to spend lots of money to have a stylish approach to fashion," Aucoin says. "Being a mother of four, my lifestyle demands that I make smart choices to provide the essential needs of my family and still be able to express my individual style. Maybe my personality helps to accessorize my outfits more than any piece of jewelry that I might buy."

It's that personality that shines through whatever she chooses from her closet, and that's not by accident.

"I am very intentional about the energy that I put out into the world every day," she says. "It is important to me that my children see that my style is also about the attitude that I wear as well as the clothes."

Style and heart - a combination fit for a queen.