Local foodie gears up for MasterChef

by Kari Walker

Business owner auditions for spot on FOX reality cooking show.

Photo by: Robin May

Lafayette kitchen goods retailer Paul Ayo loves food and cooking, so it only seems natural that he might be the next contestant on FOX's reality cooking show, MasterChef.

The show revolves around a group of home cooks put through a series of elimination rounds, with the winning amateur cook crowned a culinary master. The nationwide search is under way and making a stop in New Orleans this Saturday - Ayo has hopes of impressing the judges with his Cajun flair and cooking skills.

For the E's Kitchen owner, having an audience is old hat as he hosts cooking demonstrations on a regular basis in his Parc Lafayette shop. So what kind of tricks does he have up his sleeve? He's hoping his sweet side will woo the judges with a marbled cheesecake he has crafted.

"There will be a special surprise," Ayo says.

He won't divulge his secret ingredient, but we hope it works like a charm and moves Ayo on to compete for MasterChef.