Carnival of style

by Amanda Bedgood

Maven makes cotton candy chic

Maven knows how to do things a little different. It's why after only two years the store has become a staple for standout menswear. And it's why they've opened a womenswear store with success. And it's why on Friday night during their big two year celebration they pulled off a quirky cool theme - a two year old's birthday party. The anniversary celebration was complete with cotton candy, face painting and popcorn. It also included a dose of cool adult drinks and even cooler music from The Wooden Wings.

The band members that rocked the end of Main Street in River Ranch were uber stylish in pieces from the stores. We loved the rocker gals with the killer boots with gold tips from Maven Womenswear. Christina Barbier (she of Daniel and Christina that helm the two stores) was a beauty in black with a chic dress that had a lovely drape across the front. Aileen Bennett was on hand in super cool gray nail polish and we spotted IND Style honoree Burton Durand perusing the shop for new wares. Proof positive there's something hard to define about the look Maven delivers.

Check out more pics from the Maven store opening on IND's Facebook page.