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Rayburn Counseling opens office Downtown

Rayburn Counseling focuses on treating addiction.

Robert Rayburn

Rayburn Counseling focuses on treating addiction, and is now in business in Downtown Lafayette.

Located at 917 Buchanan St., Rayburn Counseling, according to a press release, offers addiction treatment, interventions for resistant individuals and post-treatment recovery services.

Rayburn Counseling was founded in a partnership between First Baptist Church of Lafayette and Robert Rayburn, a licensed minister and graduate of the Louisiana Association of Substance Abuse Counselors & Trainers. Rayburn also is a registered addiction counselor with the Louisiana Addictive Disorder Regulatory Authority.

Rayburn's methods, according to the press release, include a combination of Rogerian, Gestalt and Existential therapies to help "motivate the client to become willing to take the action necessary to sustain meaningful recovery," which he couples with his own experience with addiction recovery.