Sock it to me

by Amanda Bedgood

The power of a pair of socks

So the Kid President called us all out recently. It was something along the lines of - you people spend hundreds of thousands a day on Candy Crush and hundreds of thousands of minutes taking selfies and you do nothing to help the people that need it most. He declared the month Socktober and asked people work to help those in their communities. Maven listened. For every pair of socks you buy from the purveyor of the beloved Happy Sock, they give two pairs to Lafayette Catholic Service Centers.

"Celebrating Socktober' is a great way to raise awareness about homelessness in Acadiana," Maven's head maven, Christina Barbier, says. "I was inspired help the needy in our community and as a local business owner had an opportunity to get the community involved too."

The bonus: you have the chance to win a year's worth of socks from Maven when you participate. You buy your socks from Maven; you take a pic of yourself in them and put it on Instagram and tag @mavenwomenswear and @catholicservice for a chance to win.

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