Artful style

by Amanda Bedgood

Palates and Pate Apéritif full of style

It is a rare thing that combines so seamlessly rich food, art and  style. Palates and Pate has been just the even to do it, though. And 
most recently they gave us a nibble of what's to come in November with  an apéritif shindig at French Press with wine sipping, delicious eats and a chance to check out some of the incredible pieces of art. We  were checking out the style, of course.
Katie Culbert was chic as ever in innovative pants she snagged at  (where else?) Kiki. Prissy Wilson was a beauty in a golden top and 
chic black pants. Camille Baker showed us that neutral was anything  but boring with her nude colored dress covered in cool metallic 
details while her dapper date, Robb Landry, looked ever the gentleman. 
We spotted IND Style honoree Don Holbert looking cool as ever - the  man makes jeans work like no one else. We got the first glimpse at PJ Naomi's one-of-a-kind piece that will  be up for auction come November at the main event. It's a beautiful  diamond necklace with blue and pink sapphires in a design that is bold  but delicate. Wearable yet totally outstanding. If this was our preview, we can't wait for the big show.