Karma celebrates by hosting knife fight?

by Walter Pierce

No. But word of a pair of stabbings in the downtown mega club last weekend will no doubt have many shaking their heads and muttering, "I told ya so!" Just days after reaching an agreement with the state office of Alcohol & Tobacco Control that will allow it to keep its liquor license and remain in business, Karma Nightclub/Lounge downtown is the locus of a police investigation into a pair of alleged stabbings inside the club early Saturday morning, according to report today in The Advertiser. The injuries were minor, according to the report.

The news will no doubt be sour vindication for the many downtown business owners, residents and boosters who have long sought to have the mega club shut down due to complaints of violence and other acts of un-civic behavior by the club's 1,000-plus patrons who jam the Jefferson Street venue Thursday through Saturday nights. In fact, the club's license was yanked by local government in 2011, but a pending federal lawsuit put the forfeiture on ice and the club has remained in business.

Read more about the settlement here. For more on the club's long, acrimonious relationship with the downtown district, check out IND Monthly's October cover story, "Bad Karma."