Bodycon grows up

by Amanda Bedgood

The 90s figure huggers are back

Remember the 80s/90s when it was all about bodycon? And we were young enough to pull it off? (Even then I don't know that I was really pulling anything off.) Well, those super svelte cuts are hot as ever and if you're like me and grew a few curves since then you may wonder how to pull it off. (If not, feel free to rock that dress without shame because in 20 years you could be in that same boat with moms like me.)

The key to the bodycon for grown women is in a simple topper. You could do the blazer thing and get a really 80s vibe going, which is great. And then there's the vest route, which is equally cool. We love the idea of doing a lightweight jacket with generous folds like this leopard one from Brother's - perfect over a bold solid color.

But, the current fav of this IND Styler is most certainly the kimono. Even a sheer one is a great addition and gives some coverage without looking old lady. This printed kimono from Maven Womenswear is a great choice for fall's warm hues and gives just enough coverage to give you confidence without too much cover up.

Two body con dresses we just love all by themselves - the cranberry with exposed zipper from Maven and the lace-armed black number from Hemline. Pair either with nude heels and minimal makeup for a sexy look that's totally chic.